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Keypad Door Entry

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What Benefits Can You Get From A Keypad Door Entry System?



Numerous types of door locks are available today. One of these is the keypad door entry. One only needs a single security combination lock to lock and unlock every door registered in the system. No matter how many persons need access to the doors, you would only need one security code for all. They would not need to bring around a physical key individually. That’s why it’s believed that keypad door locks are more convenient than our traditional physical locks. More benefits of such locks are listed below.


Added security


Keyless locks give your additional home protection that is not provided by standard locks. Automatic lock systems remove the potential safety concerns that come with keyed entry. Numerous studies proved that using keypad door entry considerably lowers the rate of burglars trying to enter by force.


More control


If you own a business with high turnover or are constantly lending your keys to house sitters, switching to keyless locks is necessary. With smart locks, you have more control over who has access to your property. Having a door access keypad can guarantee you that aside from the persons you allowed to enter and exit your premises, nobody else would be able to. There is no more need to worry about who still has a set of working keys to your property.




A door access keypad has many modern features that standard door locks do not. You can customise the exact level of protection that is right for you. Whether that is cylindrical latches, deadbolts, dead latches or mortises, keyless locks enable the user to choose what is best.


The convenience of a keyless system


This is surely one of the most prominent advantages of using a keypad lock. They work just like an ATM, where you need to punch in your secret code combination to lock or unlock the doors. The combination code to lock or unlock the door access control keypad can be shared with unlimited persons so the individuals needing access to your property would never again have to worry about getting their keys misplaced or lost.


Enhanced home security


Burglars or intruders can’t force themselves to enter a proper door access control keypad installed on the door. Moreover, one can forget about their keys falling into the wrong hands. When you have a keypad lock at your home, anyone wishing to enter will need to know the security code.


Changeable entry codes


Another great benefit keypad locks bring is that you can easily change the security code of all doors registered in the system in a few minutes whenever you feel like people you did not permit to access your doors. In addition, if you are shifting or renting your property, you do not need to change the locks; all you need to do is notify your tenants of the access code.




The keypad locks come with a superior level of durability. Unlike traditional locks, they never get worn out or malfunction. These locks don’t need to sustain the constant friction of turning and inserting keys makes it a much more durable option. In other words, keypad locks have special security measures and are more convenient to use compared to conventional locks. It’s way easier to use and manage.


Integration with access control systems


There will always be days where guests or staff needs to enter your home. So, you have to arrange your schedule to make sure they get the key while you are not at home. And, sometimes, these kinds of arrangements can be tricky. Not if you have a keyless access system at your door, though. Keyless locks enable you to send unique access codes to anyone you authorise into your home – a time-saving and stress-free process. Keyless door locks also eliminate the need for such a security measure and the danger that some intruder might discover the location of that spare key. Once you install keyless access to your door, spare keys will stop being a subject you’ll worry about.




The costs of re-keying physical locks may not seem relevant. Still, they add up over time – especially when it comes to multi-family homes or office buildings. If you use a keypad lock, you would not need to waste money on maintenance checks and re-keying numerous keys for different doors. Another cost-effective aspect of no-cylinder locks is that they don’t always require door frame modifications; they can just be applied to the door in some cases. What’s more, they can also be easier to maintain, install, replace and integrate.


With the many benefits of using a keypad door entry stated above, you should now understand why it’s highly recommended. Not only would it save you huge amounts of money in the long run, but it is also very convenient to share access to countless people you want to permit. With how easy it is to use it, keypad locks are indeed very beneficial to property owners.



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